About Me

I grew up in Colorful Colorado as the third of five children. (Personally, I’ve always thought being the middle child was the best because you could choose whether you were included with the older children or with the younger children.) Like most of my siblings, I loved reading. I was definitely the biggest book nerd of them all, though, and it was rare to see me without a book in my hands.

My love of helping other people improve their own creations came much later. My sophomore year at Brigham Young University, I signed up for the editing minor. One of my teachers in this program told us before the final exam that if we didn’t enjoy taking the exam, we were in the wrong place because that was what we would be doing as editors. That test was the most enjoyable test I’ve ever taken.

In addition to learning from professionals about writing and editing, I’ve also had many opportunities to apply these skills in the real world. I had the opportunity to present some of my academic work about Flannery O’Connor’s short stories. Not only was I presenting this work, but I was one of only two undergraduates presenting at this conference mostly consisting of graduate and doctorate students. For editing, I’ve worked with companies internationally and locally, from technical documents, to textbook manuscripts, to video transcripts. I have loved every kind of editing I’ve come across, and I look forward to seeing where editing and writing take me next.

Contact me for any of your editing or writing needs.

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